Translates KiCAD .pos files to Charmhigh CSV
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Converts KiCAD .pos placement file to Charmhigh Pick and Place CSV


pos2csv -i test/top.pos -f test/feeds.csv -o pnp.csv


    --input   KiCAD .pos file

    --output  CSV file for the PnP

    --feed    Feed file from PnP


Board Origin must be below and to the left of your circuit. The Charmhigh cannot use negative numbers from the Origin. Place a Fiducial footprint to mark the location on the F-Cu layer. Use this mark to visually align the origin.

Feed file

The feed file is generated by the Pick and Place. Go through the normal setup process on the machine, saving the file to the SD card. Fetch the project file from the card. This will maintain the rest of the file as is while updating the section pertaining to placements.